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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Run over by a truck

Watching last night's game was like being run over by a truck. So perhaps it's appropriate that I came across the above behemoth in the parking lot of the local grocery store this morning.

Check out the bumper sticker:

It was all decked out with Red Sox stuff. Stickers, decals, magnets, etc.

I usually do my grocery runs early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday. I hate crowds, and the store is usually pretty empty then. There are a few senior citizens (who often seem to be out and about at the crack of dawn). Occasionally some college athletes, shopping for healthy drinks and snacks, on their way to a game or meet. Sometimes a woman out grabbing some groceries before the kids wake up.

But on a day when there's a big game on TV, you see a lot of young and middle-aged men, obviously shopping for a party. Today, there were several men wearing their Yankees or Red Sox hats and jackets while loading their carts with beer, chicken wings, chips, and dip. One man ran into the store ahead of me, grabbed two giant bags of potato chips, and was in line in the "10 items or less" lane before I'd even gotten a cart. This was at 7am, mind.

Meanwhile...Pete Abe reports that Bruney will join Wang and Ransom on the DL. Mark Melancon has been called up to take his place. He is not on the 40-man roster, and neither is Angel Berroa, called up to take Ransom's place. The Yankees have put Ransom on the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man for Berroa. No word on how they'll make room for Melancon yet. They could put another player on the 60-day (Nady, maybe?). Or they could trade one of the minor leaguers, or release him and try to shoot him through waivers.

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