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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Sox Fan Suing Yankees

Remember that guy who got kicked out of Yankee Stadium for trying to visit the restroom during "God Bless America"? He's suing the Yankees.

Good for him. I'd donate to his legal defense fund, if he had one. Even though he's a Red Sox fan.

Young Paul Janish hit a double last night. Which of course means he's on the bench today.

Andy Phillips batted 8th and went 1 for 4 last night. He batted sixth and again went 1 for 4 today.

I think Andy must be injured. He DHed again today. That's the third or fourth game in a row. I wonder if it's his back again. Though hitting seemed to bother his back more than fielding during spring training.

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Susan Boyle trumps this story.
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