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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paul Janish's triumphant return to Houston

Paul Janish, who was born and raised in Houston and went to Rice University, got to start at SS for the Reds last night. The Reds played the Astros, and Dusty Baker likes to give players a chance to play in front of their families when possible. There was an amusing moment when they interviewed his aunt in the stands, and while she was going on about what a wonderful player he is, he hit into the dreaded innning-ending double play.

All in all, though, he had a great game. 2 for 3, with a run scored - and sparkling defense. Given how Alex Gonzalez is struggling with both stick and glove, a lot of Reds fans want to see Janish start at SS more often. Many of them didn't want Janish on the roster at all the beginning of the season, but now they love him.

Of course, Janish is back on the bench tonight. I really don't like the way Dusty's using him. Even bench players need more playing time than Janish is getting - especially young players who are still getting the hang of the big leagues. He's not going to keep his edge if he only gets to hit once a week. Janish can play all the infield positions; if Dusty wants A-Gon to play tonight, let Janish spell Edwin Encarnacion at 3B or Brandon Phillips at 2B.

And when I said all infield positions, I meant it. Janish can even pitch and catch.

Andy Phillips did not play last night. It stopped raining, but the game was called anyway because the field was too wet. He is playing tonight - batting cleanup and playing 1B.

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