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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Love of the Game

They finally updated Andy Phillips' player page. Not sure if it's a real photo of him in a Knights uniform, or a Photoshop job. He's wearing jersey #18 (like Bubba used to).

Andy hit a three-run homer today. It wasn't enough, though, as the Knights fell to Durham in a game with a football-like 14-7 score.

The Atlantic League season is starting, and I've been looking over their rosters. The Atlantic League is an independent league, known for having a lot of former major leaguers.

Former Yankee Tim Raines is the manager of the Newark Bears. Pete Rose, Jr. is listed on the roster an infielder, though according to the transaction report, he was released a few days ago. Keith Foulke, Boston's former closer, is on the Newark roster, too, along with journeyman pitcher Daryle Ward and former Yankee prospects Oneli Perez and Francisco Castillo. Also on the roster: Jay Gibbons, the former Orioles star.

Other familiar names...Adam Greenberg is now on the roster of the Bridgeport Bluefish. He’s the guy who was beaned by the first (and only) pitch he saw in the big leagues. Esteban Yan is also a Bluefish.

Luis Taveras is a catcher for the York Revolution. He’s the older brother of Reds outfielder Willy Taveras. Daryl Harang is a pitcher for the Revolution - Aaron Harang's younger, left-handed brother.

Junior Spivey is a Camden Rivershark. Brad Halsey is a Long Island Duck. Former Yankees minor leaguer Eric Crozier is a South Maryland Blue Crab.

I'm really surprised at some of the names on these rosters. Pete Rose, Jr. will be 40 this year, but still wants to play baseball. At this point, he must know he's not making it back to the big leagues. And you have to figure his life in baseball hasn't been easy. He's constantly in the shadow of his famous father, but has never been considered as good a player. Yet he's still playing, at an age when most players are retired.

Then there's Jay Gibbons. He made some serious money as a major leaguer, and could probably retire to a life of leisure were he so inclined. But he wants to play. It must be strange to be back to a minor leaguer's life - cheap food, long bus trips, sparse amenities - when he used to be a major league star. He must really love baseball.

I wonder if Bubba Crosby ever considered playing for the Atlantic League. I'd go see him if he did. :-) I gather that independent league contracts often allow the player to leave if he gets a better offer. For example, Tim Raines' son, Tim Raines, Jr., is listed outfielder for his father's team, but has been released to go play in Taiwan.


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