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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A-Rod Again

The season hasn't even started, and I'm already tired of A-Rod. He said he'd rather have Jose Reyes on the Yankees...presumably in place of Derek Jeter. Then had the Yankees release a statement saying it wasn't meant as a shot at Jeter. Huh, boy. The man has a tendency to insert his foot in his mouth, then kick his own brains out.

Luckily (?), Reyesgate is likely to be forgotten, since shortly afterwards, it was revealed that A-Rod has a cyst in his hip. Of course, fans are already speculating that it's steroid-related - the injection site.

In other news...Brett Gardner had a great day against Team USA, going three for three with a double. He's got a better glove than Melky Cabrera, and has been hitting better, too. I think he's earning himself the CF job. He may only be keeping it warm for Austin Jackson, but he deserves a shot.

And it's back to NY for Ron Villone. But not with the Yankees. He signed a minor league deal with the Mets.

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