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Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Andy

I showed up early at yesterday's game, but neither team was warming up on the field. They must have been using one of the practice fields. (Sometimes they warm up on the main field, sometimes they don't.)

In any case, it sounds like Andy Phillips didn't take BP after all. Swinging a bat caused back pain, and they sent him for a MRI, which revealed bulging disks. He'll have to rest until his back heals.

That probably means he'll lose his shot at a roster spot. Before the injury, he was seen as almost a lock to make the roster, but now that he's out indefinitely, the Pirates will likely have to choose someone else for the utility infielder spot.

What a bummer. Poor Andy has the worst luck.

I will be at today's Pirates game, too, but don't expect to see Andy there - not even sitting in the dugout. He wasn't at yesterday's game.


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