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Friday, March 06, 2009

My kingdom for a 3rd baseman

Andy Phillips is officially en fuego. He's hit every day for four days now, despite getting only late inning replacement playing time.

Today, he was 2 for 2 with a bases-clearing double. He's now batting .455. The Pirates still lost to the Rays, though.

The Yankees, meanwhile, are desperately seeking a third baseman. From what Pete Abe says, things have changed drastically over the past day or so. They went from "A-Rod will miss a few weeks" to "A-Rod will play through it." Now it sounds like A-Rod will have surgery on Monday, and hopefully be ready by the All-Star break. Or maybe miss the whole season. Either way, the Yankees will need a third baseman. That is probably the reason for the secrecy. Cashman doesn't want to seem too desperate. But, he is.

I wonder if they'd consider Andy. Probably not. The Yankees thought his glove wasn't good enough for 3B, outside of emergency situations.

He'll probably get more of an opportunity with the Pirates anyway. Last year, the Bucs let Doug Mientkiewicz play 3B and corner outfielder, as well as 1B.


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