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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot Stove Winding Down

Most of the big names are signed now, though perhaps not for the money they were hoping for earlier this year. Adam Dunn signed with the Nationals. (I'm starting to feel very hurt that they didn't claim Bubba when the Reds released him a couple of years ago. They seem to grab every other Reds outfielder they can get their mitts on.) Ken Griffey, Jr. is signing with his old team, the Mariners. And Bobby Abreu signed with the Halos. He got a one-year deal for $5 million - a far cry from the multi-year $15 million a year deal he was supposedly expecting.

And Torre continues collecting former Yankee pitchers. The Dodgers signed Jeff Weaver and Tanyon Sturtze.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh beat reporter Dejan Kovacevic thinks Andy Phillips has a good chance of making the roster:

The bench will look almost completely different than last year, but its exact makeup is not yet known.

The locks are Hinske as a reserve outfielder, Vazquez for the infield. One of Jason Jaramillo or Robinzon Diaz will be the backup catcher, with early odds on Jaramillo. That leaves two spots, one for another outfielder and an infielder capable at shortstop. The former could be veteran tryout types Craig Monroe or Jeff Salazar or, with a very good spring, Steve Pearce. Bet on versatile, experienced Andy Phillips for the latter, with a push from Luis Cruz.

Interesting. Cruz is on the roster, and Andy is not, but Kovacevic thinks Andy will win out. I hope so; the guy deserves a break already.


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