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Friday, January 09, 2009

Bible Baseball Camp

I posted before about Andy Phillips' involvement with the Baseball Country baseball camp. His hometown paper, the Demopolis Times, has an article about it today.

Small groups of campers, no more than 24 per camp, are drawn to the Burns property that provides professional baseball player instructors like Lee Evans, a fourth round Pittsburgh draft choice in 1996, and Andy Phillips, who recently signed as an infielder for the Pirates.

Phillips said his passion is helping to make a difference in the lives of these children. While some big names come to help with baseball camp, the most satisfying part of the program, he said, is watching these children develop confidence not only in their ability on the field, but their relationship with God.

"It's literally a field of dreams," Phillips said. "These kids come to camp and they don't want to leave." A particular camp that excites him is the one the team does for underprivileged children. "These children have nothing," he said. "They show up without shoes or gloves. We take the equipment and teach them (baseball), but we are also sharing our love of Christ. We can teach baseball, but if that's all we're doing it's not enough. For me it's about helping the kids."

The Pirates are in the same division as the Reds, so if Andy makes the squad, he'll be playing against his old teammates. A lot. There's also a series against the Mets. And a series against the Marlins over Fourth of July weekend, for you Florida fans.


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