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Friday, December 05, 2008

Wise Fools

One of the few things I remember from my sophomore year of high school: my English teacher telling us that "sophomore" means "wise fool."

These photos are from the 1993 Bellaire High yearbook. (Thanks, R!) Looks like Bubba made the varsity baseball team as a sophomore:

Bubba is in the second row, first on the left. Here's a detail:

And here's his regular yearbook pic. It's a little odd-looking because it was on the inner edge of the page, and it was hard to scan because of the yearbook binding. Very nice pic anyway.

Dunno what the deal is with the loud shirts. He wore a pretty wild shirt in his freshman pic, too.

It's not that I don't like the shirts. Hey, I'm from Hawaii, where a Hawaiian shirt is appropriate for any occasion. And you should have seen the things I wore back in 1993. (I seem to recall that pleated miniskirts and blouses made of bright prints with strategically placed transparent patches were fashionable around then.) But I think those shirts are the wildest things I've ever seen Bubba wear. (Except that Elvis costume, of course.) Other players wear gaudy t-shirts, pink leather ties, and flashy jewelry off the field, but Bubba's civvies are always pretty conservative. He dresses like the guys at my geeky engineering school did. (I once read an old copy of Women's Dress for Success, and it advised women who want to marry an engineer to dress in solid colors only, because engineers hate prints. That cracked me up...because it's so true!)

I wonder if his mom dressed him in those shirts? By his junior year, he was wearing the LL Bean-type clothes we're used to seeing him in.

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