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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melky to Milwaukee?

Cashman is certainly not letting grass grow under his feet this year. Many suspect that he's doing what he wished he did last year. The fact that Yankees have $80 million coming off the books this year doesn't hurt. He landed Sabathia, and is wooing Sheets, Lowe, Burnett...and Pettitte.

Now it sounds like Melky Cabrera will be sent to Milwaukee for outfielder Mike Cameron. Other players may be thrown in. The Brewers reportedly want a prospect thrown in if they have to eat some of Cameron's salary. And the Yankees are supposedly interested in Bill Hall, too. (If Hall ends up in pinstripes, Reds fans will be very happy. He wreaks havoc on the Reds.)

The Rule 5 draft was today, and the Yankees were totally raided. Six players were taken from the Yankees system, four in the major league phase. They didn't take anyone. Wow. I guess that says something about the Yankees' farm system.

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