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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

"Varsity's horns are sawed off..."

With Texas number one in the rankings, I was wondering if the Aggies would once again be the spoiler in their annual Thanksgiving Day game. But yesterday, Texas Tech took care of it, winning a last-minute thriller that shook up the BCS. Today, it's Alabama sitting atop the rankings. If they can hold off LSU next week, they have a good chance at the national championship.

Meanwhile, I've given up on the NFL for the season. What a heartbreaking collapse for my Cowboys. I kind of knew it was coming. Everyone was predicting they'd win the Super Bowl after their hot start. Which is the kiss of doom. Teams that are hot at the beginning of the season can rarely keep it up through the playoffs. Even if their quarterback doesn't break his finger.

The Giants crushed Dallas today, and tomorrow I have to face an office full of gloating Giants fans.

With the World Series over, Hot Stove season is officially under way. Not much going on yet, though I did see former Yankee Josh Phelps' name in the transaction news. St. Louis has granted him free agency. The GM meetings are this week, which could mean some deals done.

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