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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully, Cowboys will be feasting on tasty Seahawk this Turkey Day!

And if you're ready to start shopping already...the Louisville Bats are selling a bunch of game-used jerseys. There's a set of two Andy Phillips jerseys (one home, one road) for $200, and his batting practice jersey for $100. I like those purple and black batting practice jerseys. But only the pinstriped home jersey has the player's name on the back.

They didn't sell any of Bubba's last year. There must have been some. He only played two weeks, but he traveled with the team for months while on the DL, and dressed for the games even though he couldn't play.

Speaking of jerseys...I've been keeping an eye on that auction for Ricky Stone. At first, A-Rod's jersey had the highest bid at about $500. Then Jeter's surged ahead to $1025, doubling A-Rod's highest bid. But now a dark horse has taken the lead: Mariano Rivera, at $1225. I'm not really surprised. Mo's jerseys are probably scarcer than A-Rod's or Jeter's, since he doesn't play every day.

And speaking of turkeys...still no bids on that Carl Pavano autographed baseball.

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