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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stuck on the backroads

I'm stuck on the backroads of the information superhighway. For some reason, my DSL connection is running slower than dialup. I called up Verizon to complain. I think their call center is in India. I could hardly understand the technician. After the usual interminable questions, being told to turn my modem off and restart it, and hanging around on hold while he conducted "line tests," he announced that my line wasn't working very well. Doh!

He also said the earliest they could send a technician was Tuesday. Mutter, grumble. I know it's a holiday weekend, but if my phone was out, I bet they wouldn't make me wait four days.

So I'm browsing with all images blocked, to speed things up. And no way can I upload any images until they get this fixed. Sigh.

Some random links...

Here's an article about how the credit crisis is affecting sports.

I was amused at Nomaas's farewell to Yankee Stadium. They included a comment about putting as much effort into the graphic as the Yankees did into this season.

Then there's link, called Funeral For a Friend. The sadly departed friend is the Yankees dynasty. What's interesting is that every player that wore pinstripes in the dynasty years is listed. (Yup, including Bubba.)

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