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Friday, September 19, 2008


Just like three years ago, the Yankees played the Orioles in Yankee Stadium. And once again, the Yanks won 3-2. No walkoff homer this time. But we did have young Brett Gardner making an amazing Bubba-like play in center field. He didn't hit any home runs, but he did hit a RBI double. He was chosen Player of the Game.

And just as with Bubba three years ago, people are talking about whether he can be the everyday center fielder. If he can just hit .250, his speed and defense can make up for the lack offense. The batting coach is working with him, and he's a different hitter. He's just so much fun to watch. All things that were said about Bubba, three years ago.

I like Gardner. He really does remind me of Bubba. Speedy little lefty, with rather prominent ears. I'm not sure he can be the Yanks' starting CFer, though. He's hitting below the Mendoza line, and so far has less power than Bubba. Not the Yankees' type.

Though it would probably be for only one season, if that. Austin Jackson is almost ready, and it sounds like the Yanks love him. Great player, and a great guy off the field, too. They want him to start next year in Scranton, but he could be called up fairly soon if he does well.

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati...the Reds beat up the Brewers. Andy Phillips pinch-hit for the pitcher in the 6th inning, and hit a home run. It was one of seven - yes, seven - the Reds hit tonight. Final score: Reds 11, Brewers 2.

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