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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nightmare Ninth

Last night's game was pretty emblematic of this entire season. A long grind, with lucky escapes, flashes of hope - then crushing defeat.

Andy Pettitte lived rather dangerously, loading up the bases more than once, but getting out of it. The Yanks fell behind 3-0...then started to chip their way back. They tied it up in 7th, and Yankees fans started to think that maybe this game could be won after all.

It was still tied in the top of the ninth. The Yanks were at home, so it was Mo on the mound. Alas, his struggles in tie situations continued. He gave up a double and a single...and then the go-ahead run, on a wild pitch.

So it was 3-4 in the bottom of the ninth. Girardi pinch-hit for Molina, putting in Betemit. Betemit singled, and Girardi then put in the speedy Justin Christian as a pinch-runner. But it was for nought: Christian was picked off.

Damon struck out, but Jeter singled, and Abreu walked. With two out, two on, A-Rod came to the plate. Fans were hoping for a home run, and fearing a game-ending strikeout. They got an infield single on a dribbler that was almost like a bunt.

It all came down to Jason Giambi. With the bases loaded, the game on the line...he flew out to center. The Yankees lose. To the Kansas City Royals.

The one that felt most sorry for was Justin Christian. They put him in so he could steal 2B, and instead he was picked off. If he hadn't been, the Yanks might have tied it up at least, maybe won. Bet he had a hard time getting to sleep last night.

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