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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hit and Run

Andy Phillips got on base tonight. A pinch-hit single! Alas, he was out at 3B trying to go from first to third on a single. He's no Bubba Crosby on the basepaths (though it was a hit and run, or he probably wouldn't have tried).

The Reds are really, really awful. I think they've given up. They're just going through the motions. Even the manager doesn't seem to care any more.

Came across this blog tonight, with the amusing name of You Suck, Coco Crisp. Its author, Melanie Greenberg, doesn't seem to be a big fan of A-Rod.

Let me digress for a moment. In 2005, when Bubba Crosby hit a walk off home run to bring the Yanks within a half a game of first in the AL East, A-Rod had this to say about it: “The last thing you're thinking is home run. Nothing against Bubba, but you're hoping for a walk, hit by pitch, base hit, bunt single—then he hits the ball like Darryl Strawberry." A-Rod. That guy’s all class. I know it would have been too much to expect the same kind of response we got out of Joe Torre, who said, “I was so elated, not only for the team, but for this kid who we've shuttled back and forth to Columbus I don't know how many times over the last two years…I have a lot of confidence in him.” But I guess for Frost Tip even something like, “The kid did good,” was just too much to muster.

Well, nothing against A-Rod, but when he comes up to bat these days, you’re hoping for a walk, hit by pitch, base hit, bunt single, strike out, fielder’s choice, pop fly, pinch hitter, rain out, whatever—you’re just praying he doesn’t ground into a double play. Oh, well. He did make that pretty amazing diving catch in the fifth, which almost compensates for the fact that he went 0-14 in the series. Um, no, actually, nothing against A-Rod, but it really doesn't.

LOL. I don't think that's quite fair, but it made me laugh.

A-Rod did hit a home run tonight...but it wasn't enough. Ian Kennedy didn't make it out of the third inning, prompting fans to consider the previously unthinkable: starting Kei Igawa and/or Carl Pavano.

It's not looking good for the Yankees this season.

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Maybe I'm hard on A-Rod, but people are welcome to be that hard on me when I starting earning his salary. Not to mention the fact that anyone who talks shiz about Crosby is obviously questionable. It's like you said: how CAN you not love a player named Bubba?
commented by Blogger Melanie Greenberg, August 18, 2008 1:01 AM  

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