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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gas up your cars

Hurricane Gustav has grown bigger and stronger than they expected. It is now a Category 4, and is expected to become a Category 5 soon. It is also moving faster than expected, forcing people to scramble to evacuate.

The track is currently about the worst possible for New Orleans. This could be worse than Katrina. It could be a powerful storm than Katrina, and it looks like New Orleans will be on the "strong side." The storm surge is expected to be huge. The flooding could be worse than it was after Katrina.

This could be catastrophic, and not just for those on the Gulf Coast. There's a lot of oil infrastructure there, and some are predicting it could be knocked off line for months. The SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) is also in the Gulf Coast area, so we might not have access to our emergency reserves, either.

What does it mean for you? High gas prices, and possibly shortages. Gas up your car.

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