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Friday, August 01, 2008

Andy Phillips Lives

I was starting to wonder, but it appears Andy Phillips is in fact alive and well...and in the Reds' starting lineup tonight. He's playing 1B and batting seventh. Usual first baseman Joey Votto is getting the night off, I guess. Dusty probably decided to rest him against a lefty starter. (Dusty apparently hasn't noticed that Andy actually hits righties better than lefties, but hey, at least Andy gets some playing time.)

Meanwhile, on eBay, someone is selling another pair of Bubba Crosby's game-used pants. They're from the 2005 season, but apparently after Bubba switched to long pants:

I'm not really a collector, but I were, I'd want the high pants. Pinstriped, not road grey.

Funny, I don't think I've ever seen Bubba Crosby game-used pants on eBay before. And suddenly, two different sellers are offering them in the space of couple of weeks.

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