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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, it looks like Chad Moeller's job may not be safe, after all. The Yanks have traded Farnsworth for Ivan Rodriguez.

My first thought was that the Tigers have gone insane. Giving up Pudge...for Farnsworth? What were they thinking?

But then someone pointed out that Pudge has a full no-trade. He can't be traded anywhere he doesn't want to go, and reportedly, his list of acceptable teams was very short. Possibly only two: Yankees and Red Sox. That pretty much tied Detroit's hands.

This is the kind of break a team like the Reds would never get.

Pudge is hitting very well, and he's right-handed. Just what the Yankees needed. He's the same age as Posada, though, so he's probably not going to be the bridge to Jesus Montero.

The Tigers plan to make Brandon Inge their catcher. And Bronson's brother, Dane Sardinha, will be called up to be backup catcher.

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