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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Five Years Ago Today...

The Triple-A All-Star Game is tonight. The PCL is currently beating up on the IL, but the IL hasn't given up yet.

The Yankees had only one player named to the All-Star team: Justin Christian. He has since been called up, so I think that means the Yankees have no players in the All-Star game. The Reds have two players: catcher Ryan Hanigan, and pitcher Jon Adkins.

Five years ago (to the day), the 16th annual Triple-A All-Star Game was in Memphis, and Bubba Crosby was the starting right fielder. For the PCL, of course, since he was in the Dodgers system back then.

At the time Bubba was selected, he was the only player who was batting over .400 (his average was .417). It had dropped to .370 by game time, but he was still leading the league. (He would have won the batting title that year, except he was called up and so didn't get enough plate appearances.)

Bubba had an RBI in that game, but in the end, the IL prevailed, 13-9. It was the highest-scoring Triple-A All-Star Game in history. (At least at the time. Dunno if it's since been surpassed.)

Tonight's game is in Louisville, home of the Bats. And it just ended. Despite a 9th inning three-run homer by Pawtucket Red Sock Chris Carter, the PCL won, 6-5. (The Red Sox had five players selected to the All-Star team. Yikes. The next few years could be rough for the Yanks.)

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