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Monday, July 14, 2008

The All-Star Break

Andy Phillips hit a double off Sabathia yesterday in his first at-bat. Alas, the Reds lost, 3-2. Sabathia pitched a complete game.

Reds' infielder/outfielder Jerry Hairston, Jr. was carried off the field last night. He pulled a hamstring, and will be out for awhile. I guess it's job security for Andy. Too bad for Jerry, though. He was having a great year.

I don't care for the All-Star Break. Maybe because I'm used to football, where the all-star game is at the end of the season. That makes sense to me. The season is over, the Super Bowl is in the rear-view mirror. The Pro Bowl eases you into the football-less half of the year. And the players can relax, their battles over, with no need to worry about injuries keeping them out of a real game.

The baseball all-star game, in the middle of the season, is an odd hiccup. The season is heating up, teams are preparing for the stretch run...and suddenly, it's suspended for the all-star game. Yankees are expected to play beside Red Sox, rivalries put aside. And there's always the worry of injury or fatigue (especially with the pitchers). Rather than being a bit of lagniappe to ease you into the off-season, it's an interruption. I want to see real games, darn it.

Ah, well. I'm watching the Home Run Derby anyway. I'm rooting for Bubba's old teammate from Rice, Lance Berkman.

And speaking of Bubba, someone left a comment under an old post today. It said:

Bubba! Girardi loves you! Call him and get your *** out on the field!!!

Christ, Melky is hitting .245 and you're retired? Come on! Bring the spark back! I MISS you dude!

Sigh. I don't see it happening, but I sure understand the sentiment. I miss Bubba, too. I'd be happy even to see him in Scranton.

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