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Friday, July 18, 2008

All in a night's work

Well, anyone who expected Santana vs. Cueto to be a pitchers' duel last night got a surprise. The Reds knocked Santana around, driving him from the game after only four innings. He gave up six hits, three walks, and five earned runs, and was already at 92 pitches.

Unfortunately, Cueto also had a rough night. He pitching 5.1 innings, giving up six hits, six earned runs, and three walks.

But it was the pen that lost the game for the Reds. They were leading 8-6 going into the ninth, but their big-money closer, Francisco Cordero, imploded on the mound. He gave up four runs, including a two-run homer, before being pulled for Bill Bray.

Andy Phillips pinch-hit in the 6th. He hit a single.

Alas, I didn't get to see it. I had to work. Actually, I didn't have to work; I volunteered. At the time, I thought the Mets-Reds game was going to be a day game. They changed the schedule on me.

I did get to see some huge concrete beams laid for a new bridge, though.

They closed the highway below the bridge, just in case something happened and the beam dropped. The traffic was insane. You wouldn't expect there to be so much traffic at 10pm at night, but there was. It was backed up forever.

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