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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where's Andy Phillips when you need him?

The Reds have a lot of talent, and their future is very bright. I wouldn't be surprised if they won the World Series next year. But their roster this year is seriously dysfunctional. They have three catchers, one of whom (Javy Valentin) hardly ever catches. They have only one backup infielder, which seems risky even without SS Jeff Keppinger's knee being suspect. They have five outfielders, but don't have a real center fielder, and two (Griffey and Hopper) aren't 100% healthy.

They've been able to work around their odd roster by having some very versatile bench players. Jerry Hairston, Jolbert Cabrera, and Ryan Freel all play infield as well as outfield positions...but they are all injured. Hairston is being rushed back, as Keppinger was, but in the mean time, the Reds are short on infielders.

They DFA'd Andy Phillips today to activate Keppinger. Then third basemen Edwin Encarnacion injured his back making a leaping catch. Keppinger moved to 3B, and Janish took over SS. That meant there were no more infielders left on the bench. When Dusty wanted to pinch-hit for Janish later in the game, he used Valentin, the third catcher. Valentin can play some 1B as well as catch, but hasn't played any other position in the big leagues. However, without a utility infielder like Andy on the roster, Valentin was forced to play 3B. Luckily nothing was hit his way. But still....I bet Dusty was really wishing Andy was still around.

How utterly aggravating. Andy would have gotten into today's game for sure...if he were still on the roster. I've been a little sad this weekend, because I thought last year it would be Bubba who was going to return to Yankee Stadium in a Reds uniform. But maybe it's just as well. I'd probably be driven right out of my gourd if this happened to Bubba.

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if he doesn't get claimed, I'm going to go berzerk. it's as simple as that. he's better than well over half of the current major leaguers.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, June 22, 2008 11:20 PM  
Andy is a great player but more important WHEN HE PLAYS AS A STARTER THE TEAM WINS. Jeter and entourage figured that out when he joined the Yankees last June and they had that long running winning period. Dusty Baker doesn't get it. Its not stats- its team chemistry and a secure feeling / enough reps that will help Andys team this year go through the same winning run. A SMART TEAM WILL SIGN HIM AND WIN!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, June 23, 2008 10:54 PM  

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