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Friday, June 27, 2008

Playing Hooky

I am usually at work at this time of day, but I'm playing hooky today, for several reasons. There's a crosstown doubleheader today for the Yanks. (The day game will be Andy's first game as a Met.) It's supposed to be sweltering, and my office tends to be uncomfortable on days like this. (They're trying to save money by cutting energy use.) And I have some vacation days to burn (and it doesn't look like I'll need them to go see Bubba play this summer, alas).

The NY Times has a little interview with Andy Phillips. He didn't know his first game as a Met would be against the Yankees, since he was watching the Reds' schedule, not the Yankees'. His mom is slowly recovering from that car accident. And his unborn child is a girl.

Also in that article, Jeter speaks out in defense of Shawn Chacon, and says he'll be a character witness if needed.

UPDATE: Kim Jones on YES reported that Mets manager Jerry Manuel wants to put Andy Phillips in tonight. He think players play better against their former teams, because they have something to prove.

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