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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Andy the Met

Andy Phillips is already on the Mets' roster. And in a Mets uni, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. (I wonder if MLB's digital artists get bored, Photoshopping yet another player into yet another uniform, day after day after day?)

He doesn't have a number yet, but he's list as a first baseman.

Boy, it's weird to see him in the Mets uniform...

And in other roster news, the Reds sent Paul Janish down to make room for Jerry Hairston, activated off the DL.

Uh, boy. I don't have a problem with Janish being sent down to get regular playing time. But the Reds are the walking wounded. Griffey, Hopper, Encarnacion, Keppinger, Hairston...they're all injured or were activated before they were quite healed. Plus, none of their infielders is really any good at SS. Given their chances of making the post-season this year are pretty dim, why not give Janish a look-see? You can't expect a rookie to play well off the bench. And lord knows they could use his glove. Keppinger and Hairston are terrible shortstops, but the Reds brain trust don't seem to realize it.

UPDATE: Whoa, some big news about former Yankee Shawn Chacon. He's been released, for throwing his GM on the floor and choking him. Yikes. There were rumors about his "attitude problem" when he was with the Yankees, and it appears there was something to them.

Dang. I liked Chacon, but I had no idea he was like this. His major league career is likely over, and should be. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.

And Kevin Thompson has been released by the Pirates. He had season-ending hand surgery Tuesday, and the Bucs needed the roster spot.

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