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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Andy comes through in the clutch

Andy Phillips came to the plate with the bases loaded, two outs. I wondered if they would pinch-hit for him, but they didn't. Turned out to be a good decision, since he laced the ball down the left field line into the corner, for a bases-clearing double.

That tied the game - a thrilling comeback. Alas, the Reds couldn't hold the lead. They lost it, then gained it again...then lost the game in the bottom of the ninth, when closer Francisco Cordero gave up a walkoff homer to Cody Ross.

It was a pretty crushing defeat. Especially to the Marlins, who aren't a very good team.

The Yankees had a similarly close game, with a happier outcome. They won with a walkoff single in extra innings. Yet...I think that they, like the Reds, are not a very good team. In close games, it's pretty much luck that determines the winner. Good teams win blowouts; luck doesn't enter into it. A good team would pound the Royals, not have the game go to extras.

Andy's clutch hitting didn't win him a start today. He's back on the bench, with Encarnacion back in the lineup and playing 3B.

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