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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome back to the show, Andy Phillips

These things always seem to happen while I'm on the road. Andy was cut from the Reds roster while I was driving home from Florida spring training. Today, he was called up...while I was driving home from a road trip to the midwest.

The Reds finally did the right thing. They optioned Corey Patterson to Louisville, and called up Andy Phillips. Patterson was considered the best prospect in baseball...eight years ago. He hasn't lived up to that potential. And though he has a reputation for having a good glove, the stats show otherwise. He's been okay this year, but over his career, he's been way below average in CF. The Reds would be better off with Bubba Crosby, if they wanted a lefty CFer with a good glove.

Anyway, Jay Bruce is now patrolling CF in Cincinnati. Presumably, Patterson will take over CF in Louisville. Andy Phillips probably won't start often, since he'll be behind the other hot Reds prospect, Joey Votto. He'll be a much-needed righty bat off the bench. And he'll probably get to play a lot more than he would in a similar role with the Yankees, since there will be lots of double switches and such on a NL team like the Reds.

Andy will be wearing number 46, as he did in spring training. It's great to see him get this opportunity. Nobody deserves it more.

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