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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Holy guacamole. Andy Phillips hit a grand slam today. That means he's homered three days in a row. And has an 11-game hitting streak. That boy is en fuego.

Here's Jim Kelch calling it on Bats Radio:

Andy Phillips' Grand Slam (wma file)

He was DHing in the cleanup spot. His line for the day: 1 for 3 with 2 walks and 4 RBIs. And he made the front page of the Bats official site (from which I swiped the above photo).

Bats won, 8-7.

And Baseball America finally posted their minor league transaction report. (It usually goes up Monday.) Andy Cannizaro has been called up by the team formerly known as the Devil Rays. Probably not for long, though; the Rays are expecting some players to come off the DL soon, and Cannizaro will likely be sent down to clear room.

Bronson Sardinha has been signed by the Cleveland Indians, and put on the roster of their Triple-A team, the Buffalo Bisons. I'm still wondering why Sardinha was released by the Mariners. He was hitting well with the Tacoma Rainiers:

.323 .371 .419 .791

And they released him? They said it was because they had too many outfielders and couldn't give him enough at-bats, but I gotta wonder. Baseball America reported that they put him on the suspended list before releasing him. Dunno what that means, but it doesn't sound good.

And Sidney Ponson was called up by the Rangers. He is apparently pitching well.

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