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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Jay Bruce, the best prospect in baseball according to Baseball America, will be called up today. The timing is probably because of the arb clock. I imagine he'll become the Reds' every day center fielder; you don't call up a prospect like Bruce and park him on the bench. Plus, the Reds really need a CFer. For some reason, many people think Bruce can't handle CF and will end up as a corner outfielder. Maybe he will end up taking over for Dunn or Griffey eventually, but he's been playing CF in Louisville and doing a fine job. I'm not sure why people think he can't handle it.

I will be watching Bruce's big league debut tonight. I'm visiting a friend in the Pittsburgh area, and since the Reds are playing Pittsburgh, the game will be on TV.

Bruce was benched last night, as is customary when someone is being called up. Andy Phillips, who usually bats cleanup, was batting third (Bruce's usual spot). Andy was 2 for 4 with a home run. The other Andy, Andy Green, also hit a home run (after hitting two last night). RHP Steven Shell gave up both home runs. (A rather unfortunate name for a pitcher.)

Andy Phillips is batting .324 -- .400 against lefties. It's great that Bruce is being called up, but he's yet another southpaw, and doesn't really solve the Reds' lack of righty power.

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I wonder if anyone's ever tried to take a team to court for tearing it up in the minors, yet not getting a shot in the bigs.. you can claim discrimination in other job fields when you're passed over. Andy should claim the Reds are racist against righties! =)
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