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Monday, April 07, 2008


A ton of transactions this week in Baseball America's minor league transaction log. Among the familiar names:

The Blue Jays released Sal Fasano. (Wow, what happened? I thought they really liked him.) He's signed with the Braves, and is now playing for Triple-A Richmond.

The Pirates released Jaret Wright. They also optioned Kevin Thompson to Triple-A. (Nyjer Morgan made two very Bubba-like plays in CF in the spring training game I saw. Can't really blame the Bucs for choosing him over KT.)

Randy Johnson is still trying to recover from back surgery. He's on rehab assignment with Triple-A Tucson - and not pitching very well.

The Yankees sent Chase Wright to Trenton. Wow. From the Big League club to AA?

Ron Villone made the Cardinals roster.

The Braves released Colter Bean. They also put Matt DeSalvo (who's with their Triple-A team) on the DL. Not sure what the problem is.

And Mike Myers has been signed by the Dodgers. He's playing for Bubba's old team, the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s.

Meanwhile, the Louisville Bats are in Scranton tonight. They are beating the SWB Yankees like a red-headed stepchild. Andy is once again batting cleanup and playing 1B. He is 1 for 4 with two runs scored so far. (He reached 1B on an error.)

Cheez Whiz. I wasn't expecting the Bats to make their northeast swing so early. I was kind of thinking of going to the Scranton games when the Bats were in town, but I feel like I just got back from Florida. I don't know if I'm up for driving all the way to Scranton for more baseball already.

Hmmm. Obviously, I'm not at tonight's game. But there are three more, all night games. I could go after work, though it's a 2+ hour drive each way.

I already missed the Syracuse series. (For some reason, I thought the Bats were opening at home. Didn't even notice they were in Syracuse.) Oddly, they don't play Pawtucket until early June. But that's a bad time for me, too. I have another vacation scheduled about then.

I could go to the Lehigh Valley games. They are farther away than Scranton, though. And of course, I'd rather see the Yankees minor leaguers than the Phillies minor leaguers. I think I'm talking myself into it. Wonder if tickets are still available?

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