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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minor League Transactions

Couple of interesting transactions this week...

Bronson Sardinha has been released by the Mariners. They said that they just felt he could get more playing time elsewhere, but he was put on the suspended list before he was released. I'm not sure what the suspended list is. (And how is it different from the restricted list?) Does that mean he did something wrong? I've seen players who failed drug tests get put on the suspended list, but there many be other, perfectly innocent reasons to be put on that list.

Mike Myers has been released by the Dodgers. He had been playing for the Las Vegas 51s. The release was his choice. I guess he had an option that allowed him to become a free agent if he was not called up by a certain date.

Still no word on whether Chad Moeller has cleared waivers. They won't know until tomorrow.

Posada has seen Dr. Andrews in Alabama. They did some scans of Jorgie's shoulder, and will be sending them to the Cincinnati Reds team doctor, Timothy Kremchek. He is a shoulder specialist, so they want his opinion.

Dr. Kremchek is the guy who did Bubba's shoulder surgery. I guess Bubba had the best, if the Yankees are trusting him with Posada.

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