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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

I was a real last-minute Louie. Even more than usual. Did my taxes last night, while watching the Yankees game. I owe about $500, state and federal. I always try to owe money. Not enough to trigger a fine, of course. But I hate letting Uncle Sam use my money interest-free, so I never get a refund.

Well, I will get some money back this year: the "stimulus rebate." I will probably put it into my very depleted travel savings account. I saved all year for my spring training trip, and now have to start saving for next year. It would be nice to have some travel money stashed away right now. If Bubba gets a job somewhere, I want to be able to go see him play. (But if it's in Japan, forget it. I'll never save that much, at least not this year.)

The Bats baseball guys finally answered my question about Andy Phillips. No, he wasn't kidnapped by aliens. He's injured, but it's not serious. They said he has "left hamstring soreness." Bats trainer Chris LaPole says Andy will probably be back in the lineup later in this series.

There's a lot of talk in Cincinnati about how the Reds need a right-handed power bat. If they do call someone up, though, it will probably be Jolbert Cabrera or Jerry Hairston. They were the last cut from the roster in spring training, and they are playing extremely well now for the Bats. Another rumor is that the Reds might sign Mike Piazza.

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