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Friday, April 18, 2008

Freaky Friday

The pride of Rice University, Paul Janish

Just a weird night all around. The Yanks lost to the Orioles. Chad Moeller, Reds reject and backup to the backup catcher, drove in the only Yankee runs with a two-run homer. Daniel Cabrera improbably turned into Cy Cabrera, while Phil Hughes kinda stunk.

The Reds were widely expected to make some roster moves today. Call up Hairston or Cabrera, get Josh Fogg out of the rotation, call up Bray or Belisle, maybe call up catcher David Ross. But nothing. The Bats radio guys expressed astonishment that no moves were announced today. Maybe yesterday's win lulled them into thinking they could stay the course. Well, the Reds lost again tonight, behind their supposed #2 guy, Arroyo, which will increase the pressure on Krivsky to Do Something.

Meanwhile, in Louisville...Marcus McBeth loaded up the bases and gave up a grand slam. It was unbelievable. He got the first two outs easily. Then single, single, single, single, wild pitch, walk, walk, grand slam. He gave up seven runs trying to get that last out. Went from a 3-3 tie to 10-3 blowout in 1/3 of an inning. Less, really; he never did get the last out. Rick Sweet finally brought in Adkins to get the third out.

Janish hit a monster homer last night, but didn't have quite as good a night tonight. He was 1 for 3...with an error. I didn't see it, but it sounds like he didn't deserve to get an error to me. The announcers seemed astonished that he even got the ball. He ended up throwing it into the stands though - a really wild throw that went over the head of the first baseman. If he didn't have that kind of range and didn't get to the ball, it probably wouldn't have been an error.

Andy Phillips is still out of the lineup. I'm not really surprised. Like Pete Abe said, hamstrings always take twice as long to heal as the team predicts.

Craig Wilson is playing for the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates' Triple-A team. He hit a three-run homer tonight.

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