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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Red Hot

Reds blogger Red Hot Mama has been running a "NLC's Hottest Baller" tournament, where she pairs two NL players and you vote for which one is hotter. (Hey, you have to fill up the off-season somehow.) Tonight's matchup: Bronson Arroyo vs. Bubba Crosby.

The final round of the tourney finally brings us to our guy in limbo, the illustrious Bubba Crosby. Crosby was with the Reds last season and so strong was his energy for the forces of good that his injury turned out to be season-ending…for the team. For the moment he’s without a team, but this hotness can’t stay unclaimed for long.

Very sweet of her to remember Bubba, considering his brief (so far) career in the NL. (Though Arroyo is pretty stiff competition. Dunno if Bubba can beat out Goldilocks. Vote early, vote often. ;-)

And I hope she's right about him not staying unclaimed for long.

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