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Friday, January 25, 2008


The Robinson Cano deal is done. He got four years, $30 million, plus options that could bump it up to six years, $56 million. The Yankees usually don't do long-term deals with young players. Not even Jeter got a deal like this. Cashman's influence, maybe?

The Santana watch continues. It sounds like the Twins are eager to move him before spring training, for a variety of very good reasons. And the Yankees are still very much in it:

The Yankees remain in contact despite claiming recently that they have pulled out of talks. Another person with knowledge of the talks said a lot of discussion has focused on the third and fourth players in any deal, which suggests that top pitching prospect Phil Hughes and outfielder Melky Cabrera remain the top players in the package.

The Red Sox are also still in it, but people don't seem to believe they are serious. In any case, one reason the Twins want to get a deal done soon is they need to know if they should sign a center fielder. If they get Melky Cabrera or Jacoby Ellsbury as part of a deal for Santana, they've got their center fielder. If not, they have to sign someone.

And speaking of center fielders...the Reds DFA'd lefty center fielder Jeff Fiorentino to make room for their new pitcher, Jeremy Affeldt. The Reds recently claimed Fiorentino off waivers from the Orioles, but didn't keep him long. The A's claimed him off waivers today. Many found it odd that the Reds kept their other lefty outfielder claimed off waivers, Drew Anderson, instead of Fiorentino. Maybe they're hoping for someone who can play this season. Fiorentino is two years younger, and not ready for prime time yet.

Well, perhaps the Reds will have a spot for Bubba, if he doesn't get any better offers. They're down a couple of lefty outfielders, what with trading Hamilton and losing Fiorentino to the A's. Though they still have an awful lot of them.

Oh, and Chuck Knoblauch is still eluding federal marshals. His mom insists that he will eventually cooperate.

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