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Monday, January 21, 2008

eBay Update

I was bored this morning, and decided to look in at eBay and see how those auctions of Bubba Crosby memorabilia I posted about earlier this month turned out.

Holy guacamole. Remember this auction? It's for a cracked bat used by Bubba during spring training last year. It's not a small crack, either. The bat is practically broken in two. Starting price was $9.99, and I figured it would go for around that, if it got any bids at all. Nope. It got 21 bids by seven bidders, and went for $182.50. Wow. For a broken bat used in spring training? I guess it is kind of a unique item, since it's a Yankees bat with Bubba's Reds number on it, but still. I thought this game-used jersey would go for more, but it got only one bid (for the asking price of $59.95). Good thing I'm not a sports memorabilia dealer, because I never would have guessed.

On the hot stove front...MLB Trade Rumors reports that both the Red Sox and the Yankees are interested in lefty outfielder Brad Wilkerson. I would guess the Yankees want to use him at first base, rather than in the outfield.

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Yankees are already missing Andy.
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