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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bubba's spring training jersey

Came across another item bought at Redsfest, for sale on eBay. It's one of Bubba's spring training jerseys:

Here's the description:

For auction here is a great #16 Bubba Crosby Cincinatti Reds spring training/BP jersey from 2007. It is the new cool base BP jerseys that were first worn in spring training in 2007. The material is much lighter weight then previous BP jersey. The name, numbers and logo have a felt look that seem to be heat sealed onto the jersey. The jersey is manufactured by Majestic and is a size 46. It has the 0068 code in the hem of the jersey. The jersey has been faded from sunlight and numerous washings. It was acquired directly from the Reds organization.

Nice item. I like those red jerseys. I was thinking about buying one, but worried that it would fade or run in the wash, as red often does. Sounds like fading is indeed an issue. I mean, jeez, he only wore it a month. OTOH, it was Bubba. That poor jersey's probably been through a lot of scrubbing.

It's getting to crunch time, with pitchers and catchers reporting in little more than a month. I hope Bubba finds a home soon. The suspense is killing me.

Someone noted in the comments that the Yankees are rumored to be pursuing Mike Cameron. Interesting. If that's true, they are planning to trade Melky...or they don't have much faith in him as a starter.

There's also this:

Just in case Jason Giambi, Shelley Duncan and Wilson Betemit aren't enough at first base heading to spring training, the Yankees have interest in adding free agent Jason Lane, according to a source.

Cashman was on YES tonight, and he confirmed that the Yankees have signed Lane to a minor league deal. He is actually an outfielder, but they want to convert him to first base.

Speaking of first basemen...former Yankee Josh Phelps signed a minor league deal with the Cards. He could get as much as $1 million. Cheez Whiz. That seems like a lot, for a guy who couldn't even stick with the Pirates.

Lots of rumors about Bedard and Santana today. They are contradictory. The Reds are offering a huge package for Bedard. No, they've lost interest and aren't signing any more starting pitchers. The Yankees are back in hot pursuit of Santana. No, they aren't, they've decided the price is too high. It all sounds like more posturing to me. Today, it sounds like Santana will end up with the Mets. But that's what they were saying about the Red Sox and the Yankees earlier.

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