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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rasner, DeSalvo, and Beam Non-Tendered

The Yankees waited until the last minute to make a tough decision. There was no doubt that Wang, Cano, and Betemit would be offered contracts. Many thought Bruney might be non-tendered, but he, too, was offered a contract. Instead, it was Darrell Rasner, Matt DeSalvo, and TJ Beam who got the axe.

Bronson Sardinha was also non-tendered, which I guess means he cleared waivers and no one was interested in trading for him.

The four are now free agents. (And thanks a lot, Carl Pavano, for refusing to give up the roster spot.)

All four are players many other teams would be keeping. The Yankees would probably have kept them only a couple of years ago. They are very deep in talent now, especially right-handed pitchers. (They are rather short of lefties, unfortunately, which is why Sean Henn and Chase Wright were safe.)

Huge blizzard heading toward New York today. Hopefully the power and the Internet connection stays up, so I can follow the Mitchell Report brouhaha.

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