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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Poker Game Continues

It's not even New Years yet, but the Santana talk is heating up again. Supposedly, the Twins have backed off their demand for Ian Kennedy, and are willing to consider a package of Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and Jeffrey Marquez instead. Possibly with a fourth prospect thrown in.

Some sources have reported that the Yankees refused a similar deal earlier in the month, because of what Santana's salary would do to their payroll. But Murray Chass points out that if money were an issue, the Yankees wouldn't still be talking to the Twins.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox, once reportedly on the verge of signing Santana, no longer seem very interested. Many observers, including Chass, think that the Sox are just bluffing, trying to drive the price up for the Yankees. Boston doesn't really need Santana. Pete Abe notes that if the Sox were serious, the deal would be done by now.

As for whether the Yankees will deal for Santana...Cashman is against it. He doesn't want to give up Hughes. Hank Steinbrenner could overrule him, though.

And if neither the Yanks nor the Sox get Santana...the Mariners, the Mets, and maybe the Dodgers are waiting in the wings.

Yes, the Dodgers. Bert Blyleven thinks the Dodgers may be the surprise team of the year. And they have a deep farm system, and could definitely offer a package that would interest the Twins. The Twins might prefer to trade Santana to the NL - and he might prefer to go there. (If so, that would help the Mets' chances, too.)

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