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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pavano next?

Looks like the next contestant voted off Yankee Island will be "American Idle," Carl Pavano. The Post is reporting that the Yankees will release Pavano and sign him to a minor league contract.

While Pavano doesn't have to accept a minor league contract, he said he would. He had Tommy John surgery this year, and is unlikely to be able to play next season. Theoretically, a pitcher can come back a year after surgery. Realistically, it's more like 18 months before they're effective. And with Pavano, it will probably be longer. If ever.

He needs some place to rehab his arm, and it's unlikely any other team would offer him a contract. As for why the Yankees would...I guess they're just hoping against hope that he'll bounce back and show them something.

Curiously, the Post article says:

Pavano, 31, can't return to Arizona because his questionable work ethic ticked off fitness guru Brett Fischer last winter.

Geez. Last winter, the papers were all reporting that Pavano had turned over a new leaf in Arizona and was working out seriously for the first time in his life.

Well, if Pavano's the slug he's rumored to be, he may be one of those pitchers who improves after Tommy John surgery. They say it's not the surgery that adds a few mph to the fastball post-TJ. It's the rehab. A pitcher who always worked out regularly won't see an improvement. But one who is not as conscientious will. You have to work out religiously, or you don't come back from TJ surgery. So for some, it's the first time they worked out regularly...and it shows up in their performance.

What irony, if Pavano finally overcomes his injuries and turns into an 2009. For another team.

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The tricky one is who is going after Pavano.
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