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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Look out for the cheaters

Courtesy of Sporting Life, the list of players from the Mitchell report. Names of current and recent Yankees are in bold.

Manny Alexander
Chad Allen
Rick Ankiel
David Bell
Mike Bell
Marvin Benard
Gary Bennett
Larry Bigbie
Barry Bonds
Ricky Bones
Kevin Brown
Paul Byrd
Alex Cabrera
Jose Canseco
Mark Carreon
Jason Christiansen
Howie Clark
Roger Clemens
Paxton Crawford
Jack Cust
Brendan Donnelly
Chris Donnels
Lenny Dykstra
Bobby Estalella
Matt Franco
Ryan Franklin
Eric Gagne
Jason Giambi
Jeremy Giambi
Jay Gibbons
Troy Glaus
Juan Gonzalez
Jason Grimsley
Jose Guillen
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Darren Holmes
Matt Herges
Phil Hiatt
Glenallen Hill
Todd Hundley
Ryan Jorgensen
Mike Judd
David Justice
Chuck Knoblauch
Tim Laker
Mike Lansing
Paul Lo Duca
Nook Logan
Josias Manzanillo
Gary Matthews Jr.
Cody McKay
Kent Mercker
Bart Miadich
Hal Morris
Daniel Naulty
Denny Neagle
Rafael Palmeiro
Jim Parque
Andy Pettitte
Adam Piatt
Tood Pratt
Stephen Randolph
Adam Riggs
Armando Rios
Brian Roberts
John Rocker
F.P. Santangelo
Bernie Santiago
Scott Schoenweis
David Segui
Gary Sheffield
Mike Stanton
Ricky Stone
Miguel Tejada
Ismael Valdez
Mo Vaughn
Randy Velarde
Ron Villone
Fernando Vina
Rondell White
Jeff Williams
Matt Williams
Todd Williams
Steve Woodard
Kevin Young
Gregg Zaun

Well, most of the names aren't a terrible shock. Clemens has been suspected for a long time, and Pettitte was guilty by association.

Oddly, Matt Lawton isn't on the list. He was officially disciplined for steroid use, but his name isn't on the list.

Two of the heroes of Bubba's youth are on the list: Lenny Dykstra and Chuck Knoblauch. I'm glad he didn't follow their example in that regard. I'd have been crushed to see his name in the "cheater's lineup."


posted by BubbaFan, 4:37 PM


before rice built reckling park, the bleachers were so close you could hear the players conversations. i clearly remember lance berkman and bubba having a convo about some guy in the wac who was using creatin (sp?) and blew out his hamstring, from bulking up too fast in his quads. they both said "not worth it", standing on deck, waiting for a reliever to get warmed up.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, December 13, 2007 7:20 PM  
Cashman needs to get off the drugs.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, December 13, 2007 9:41 PM  

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