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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Liar's Poker

Last week at the grocery store, there was Christmas stuff everywhere. Candy, toys, cards, decorations, etc. This week, it was all gone. In its place was a mass of pink and red - yup, the Valentine's stuff is out already. Even the packages of red and green Christmas M&Ms were replaced with bags of pink and red Valentine's Day M&Ms.

Sheesh. It's not even New Year's. Seems like jumping the gun, just a bit. Spring training begins on Valentine's Day this year, and it sure seems long way off.

And the Santana negotiations show every sign on being as long and slow as this winter. Joel Sherman still thinks the Red Sox are likely to be the winning bidder, but he's about the only one. Everyone else thinks it's just a bluff, to raise the price for the Yankees. I can't help thinking the Yankees are feeding Sherman a line, trying to pretend they aren't interested, and thus lower the price.

The Yankees have pulled Cano from winterball. Supposedly, they want him to rest a calf injury. But of course, everyone's now wondering if Cano is on the trading block. (Personally, I doubt it, but you never know.)

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