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Thursday, November 01, 2007

White Smoke At Last

It's official. Girardi is the new Yankees manager. He'll be wearing #27, a number that's been often used by minor leaguers up for a cup of coffee (most recently, Darrel Rasner).

It's official, part 2: Torre is the Dodgers' new manager. Not sure what number he'll wear, but #6 is currently being worn by rookie Tony Abreu. I'm sure if Torre wants it, the kid will give it up.

Creepy...Do Dodgers aim to be Yankees West?

...The Dodgers seem to be emulating the New York Yankees. It’s a little creepy, actually, like one of those thrillers where a loner learns to act, dress and behave like the celebrity he idolizes, then attempts to eliminate him and take his place in the final reel.

Creepy, Part 2: Courtesy of our token Red Sox fan, Lisa

She notes that this would be a Halloween horror for both Red Sox and Yankee fans....

And look, the Toledo Mud Hens have offered A-Rod a contract.

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The Mud Hens don't need him.
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