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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A-Rod and Torre, together again?

Torre thinks it's possible. Geez, maybe the Dodgers really are trying to be the Yankees West.

The A-Rod soap opera continues. The Yankees offered A-Rod arbitration, but they say it's just to get the draft picks. Others are not so sure. Meanwhile, the players' union is worried that the teams are conspiring to hold A-Rod's salary down. (IMO, he deserves it, after that announcement during the World Series stunt.) And the silence from the rest of the Yankees is deafening. They've said they want Mo and Jorgie back, but not a word about A-Rod.

Meanwhile, it looks more and more like Andy Pettitte will not be returning next year. Torre thinks he's retiring, though, so I guess he won't be signing with the Dodgers.

Oh, and Torre's wearing #6. I doubt the rookie who was wearing it is going to complain.

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