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Monday, November 05, 2007

More Hot Stove

The GMs' meetings start today, somewhere down in Florida. They are discussing things like instant replay and extending the best of 5 playoffs to best of 7. And of course, this means Hot Stove season has begun in earnest.

The Rays are supposedly shopping Scott Kazmir. Ironically, the Mets may be interested. I imagine the Yankees would be, too. The Twins' Johan Santana is another arm the Yanks would be very interested in.

The Rockies reportedly want Shawn Chacon back. I always liked Obi-Shawn, but I'm surprised the Rockies are pursuing him. His pretty curve ball didn't curve much in the thin air of Colorado. Which is why the Yankees ended up getting him.

The Reds have released a tentative 2008 schedule. They play the Yankees June 20, 21, and 22. A weekend series. Maybe I'll see if I can get some tickets.

Joel Sherman warns other teams about taking on A-Rod's outsized neediness and greediness.

Could the Marlins trade Miguel Cabrera (perhaps to the Yankees), and sign A-Rod to be their new third baseman? The Marlins are dreaming, anyway. A-Rod calls Miami home, so maybe he'd be willing to be a Fish. They're talking about offering him a stake in the team in lieu of some of his salary. Though you have to wonder what manager would want to have to deal with a player-owner. It would be like that Lotto commercial, where the guy uses his winnings to buy the team, and makes himself the third baseman.

As for Cabrera...the Yankees are interested, but not at the price the Marlins are asking. (Reportedly, Phil Hughes or Clay Buchholz.) Maybe they'd take Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera instead. The Marlins do need a center fielder who can cover their cavernous outfield, and Melky could do that.

Oh, and it's official: Bowa and Mattingly will be joining Torre with the Dodgers.

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