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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mo gets his deal

He will accept the Yankees' 3-year, $45 million offer. And reportedly told a friend he'd have taken two years. That seems kind of strange. After demanding four years? Well, I guess you can't blame him for trying!

Jose Molina has also been signed, as a backup for Jorgie. He's certainly a better choice than Flaherty, Stinnett, Fasano, or Nieves, but where's the young catcher of the future for Jorgie to mentor?

Speaking of Fasano, the Jays reportedly want him back. He spent some time in the minors, but was called up and did well enough that they want to re-sign him.

Meanwhile, A-Rod says his contract negotiations are "in the bottom of the 5th." Sounds like the deal is as good as done, though.

It really hasn't been a good month for Scott Boras. A-Rod blew him off, and Kenny Rogers fired him.

Reportedly, it was Warren Buffett who got the Yankees and A-Rod back together. Yes, that Warren Buffett - the billionaire financial maven. Boy. Talk about friends in high places.

Looks like Lowell won't be donning the pinstripes. The word today is that the Yankees have cooled on the idea. Some are reporting they've withdrawn their offer. Assuming there was an offer to begin with.

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