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Friday, November 16, 2007

Joe Nuxhall, rounding third and heading for home

Reds pitcher and broadcaster Joe Nuxhall has passed away. He was 79.

I came late to baseball, and even later to the Reds, so I don't have the memories that most Reds fans have of Joe. But I'm awed by the depth of the mourning. The man was loved in Cincinnati. New York lost the legendary Phil Rizzuto earlier this year, and it didn't get quite that kind of reaction. (Though that might be because the Scooter retired from broadcasting ten years before his death; Nuxhall was working until recently.) Seems like almost every Reds fan has fond childhood memories of listening to Nuxhall on hot summer nights. Makes me feel like I missed something, not being a baseball fan when I was a kid.

New York Times, as always, has a very good obituary. There are lots of writeups in Reds blogs, too; here's a nice one by Red Hot Mama.

Rest in peace, Joe.

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