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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

American flag Veterans Day is usually celebrated "where it falls," but since it falls on a Sunday this year, many will be marking it tomorrow. Which, for us baseball fans, means the real horsetrading will begin on Tuesday.

Lots of Yankees rumors this weekend. Perhaps the biggest: They will likely release Carl Pavano. The deadline for setting the 40-man roster for the Rule 5 draft is November 20, and Pavano may be cut before then. If not, he will likely be cut before spring training.

The Rocket looks to be hanging 'em up. He's made it known that he wants to return to the a consultant, not as a player.

It sounds like Mariano Rivera will be back in pinstripes next year. Jorge Posada might not be. He's seriously testing the free agent waters, and the Mets appear to be very interested.

The Yankees are expected to go after a third baseman. Preferably right-handed, with a power bat. One of the names that's come up: Bill Hall. The Reds would likely be very happy if it happened. Bill Hall has wreaked havoc against them, and they'd be glad to see him leave their division.

Speaking of the Reds...not a whole lot of rumors about them, but trading Griffey to the Mariners is one possibility. The Reds, as we know, have too many left-handed outfielders. Griffey is reaching the DH stage of his career. He was warmly welcomed when he returned to Seattle with the Reds this season, and said he wanted to end his career as a Mariner. Seattle is losing Guillen, and might have a need for a player like Griffey.

And there's been talk about trading Josh Hamilton for Santana. Doesn't seem likely, but the Twins feel they are set in pitching, and are more interested in acquiring a talented young position player.

Which brings us back to the Yankees. They are very interested in Santana. Perhaps interested enough to offer Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and a prospect. Or even two out of the following three: Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. They've said they won't trade any of the three for a position player...which leaves open the possibility that they are available for pitching.

But that may not be what the Twins want. Minnesota isn't that interested in pitching. They want Robinson Cano. Would the Yankees do that deal? They might. I think they'd rather trade Cano than Hughes. The Twins may have more young pitchers than they know what to do with, but for most teams, the philosophy seems to be "grow your own pitching, get position players on the free agent market."

Should be an interesting Hot Stove season. Veterans are retiring or heading to other teams, young players may be traded before the end of the month, and I would guess that Pavano is not the only player the Yankees are considering cutting before November 20, to clear room on the roster. The Yankees may look very different on opening day next year.

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