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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lost Souls

No baseball, yesterday or today. I'm wandering around like a lost soul.

Speaking of which, it's October, the spooky time of year. My favorite thing about Halloween is ghost stories. Especially true ghost stories. I'm not sure I really believe, but I love them anyway.

Reds fan "jch24" posted this one at Red Reporter:

I was stationed in Hawaii for a while, and worked at the Air Force data center located on Pearl Harbor, in the FISC building right next to the Arizona memorial.

One night on the way to midnight chow, I stopped in the bathroom to take care of business, and got absolutely spooked. I firmly believe there was something in that room with me, to the point of scouring every bit of it for an explanation. I found people, no open windows or vents, nothing.

When I came out, my friend asks me what took so long, and I ducked the question. After finally telling him later, he told me to talk to another guy in our squadron who had experienced something similar in the same area of that floor.

Ends up that my experience wasn't uncommon, and I learned that since the refrigerated portion of the building I worked in had been completed when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened, it was used as a temporary morgue. All I know is that I NEVER went back in that damned bathroom.

He later added this bit:

There was a girl in SP (Security Police) who was discharged for psych reasons, that much I know as fact. The backstory was that she had been doing overnight rounds in the PACAF headquarters building, which was well-known to have been a makeshift morgue after the attack. The building still had the bullet cavities in the exterior walls, they refused to fill them to serve as a reminder. Very cool.

Anywho, she was doing rounds, and stopped to adjust her uniform in a mirror. When looking into the mirror, she saw a 1940's era guy standing behind her. She spun while drawing her weapon, to find nothing. She looked back, and he was still there. They said you could hear her screaming clear across the building.



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The Yankee lineup for tomorrow is posted on their website. Shelley should be starting over at least three of those tuekeys.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, October 03, 2007 5:13 PM  
Thanks for the tip. I've put up a post about it. I'm actually surprised they went as young as they did. Whether Torre sticks with it if things start to go pear-shaped is another question, of course.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, October 03, 2007 6:22 PM  

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